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110+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

birthday wishes for boyfriend

Good boyfriend is something very special. Therefore, there are the matching birthday wishes for your boyfriend, so that the best friends also receive the warmest and most beautiful birthday wishes.

What would life be without friendship? It would certainly be empty and very cold, because good friends are not just two people who understand each other well. It is a connection that comes deep from our soul. It warms, comforts and motivates us. Because good friendships show up especially when it means lifetimes bad with us. In good times, being a good friend is easy. Proper friendship shows up only during difficult times because then you need a good friend most.
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Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

Do you want to go out of the ordinary to wish a Happy Birthday to those who are dear to you?
So below is the list of Romantic wishes for the boyfriend, husband and friend in long distance. You can choose from this wide range of wishes.
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Birthdays are important days for many of us and for the most part positive ones. That’s why you want to bring your best wishes to your boyfriend on this day as well. Often it is difficult to accommodate in the short birthday congratulations, how much someone means to someone and how important this person is. In the poems and birthday greetings, which we have put together here, this warmth is guaranteed not too short.

Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend In English

You can copy and paste them in the space provided for your message or even reformulate them at your convenience. Funny, original or more traditional, these suggestions will certainly affect your recipients … Do not hesitate!

  • Honey, you bring out the best and the worst in me. Sparking up emotions I never knew I had. Only you have that effect on me. Happy Birthday.
  • Sit back and let me work my magic. This is going to be the best birthday ever.
  • 364 days a year, you treat me like a queen. It’s your turn to receive the royal treatment. It’s long overdue. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • It’s your birthday! Birthday kisses and hugs for you to warm your heart on this incredibly special occasion.
  • Our love is the gravity that keeps us from drifting apart. It’s the glue that keeps us closer than ever. From my heart to yours, happy birthday.
  • Every day, I reflect on our love and how happy I am with you. Even the darkest moments are made bright at the thought of you. Happy birthday, my boyfriend.
  • Whenever I close my eyes to remember about you, I always open my eye hoping to see you. Happy Birthday.


  • The world might be lonely and boring if I did not having you in my life to share everything. Happy Birthday.
  • A minute apart from you is a lifetime of torture. I love you and happy birthday.
  • You are more incredible today than you were yesterday. Happy Birthday!
  • No news, but I have to say it: my boyfriend is huggable and loveable. Congratulations on your birthday celebration.
  • All the boys in the world should learn from you, how a Boyfriend should be. You are the best Boyfriend. I Love You. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!!
  • You are the person who always hold my hand gently, who listen to my voice day and night, and make everything right that goes around me. Happy Birthday to that boyfriend.
  • I am sending you tons of love on your Birthday, May this Birthday is as cool and awesome as you are!! Happy Birthday, Darling!
  • As a second passes my love for you also raises, so, let’s celebrate the special day where love gets even stronger like you my love! Happy Birthday lovely Boyfriend!
  • You are a special person for me. So, you are going to receive a special place in my heart and special wishes for Birthday as a boyfriend. Happy Birthday
  • Let our Deep love give us so much warmth that cold and lonely passes easily. I am always for you and you are always for me. Happy Birthday! Stay Blessed!
  • You have given me a lot of lovely and Irreplaceable memories in my life. So, I am sending you tons of Birthday wishes my boyfriend. Happy Birthday to the boy I have fallen for, Stay Blessed!
  • Your smile, love, and laugh make me live my life more happily. Thanks for all the support you gave me in my life. Happy Birthday to my superhero.
  • You are like the sun which have unlimited happiness, love, strength, inspiration and smile. Happy Birthday to my sweet and charming SUN!
  • This is your Birthday and let make love today. By this, your birthday will be filled with romance and experience that your will never forget!!
  • My happy Birthday wishes are for you my lovely & amazing Boyfriend! I don’t know what to do in life without you!
  • Happy Birthday to boyfriend who makes me feel happy, loved, beautiful and listen to every single Thing of me. He stays with me in every single step of life. This is the day of my love, Happy Birthday wishes for lover.
  • Your love sparks my heart with a lot of passion and desire. My cute Happy Birthday quotes for you.
  • I wish you a Happy Birthday, I am going to make your this Birthday full of Surprises and Unforgettable memories. Let’s begin with the special gift on this special day. My boyfriend.
  • Both are crazy and out of mind for each other. Hope we become more mad and crazy on this birthday.


  • Your Arms are like my home, where I get the peace and strength to live. Happy Birthday to the person who is full of comforts.
  • I am making your Birthday sweeter by coating me on it. For the world, you may be 1 man but for me you my world. Happy Birthday wishes boyfriend!!
  • Your Birthday means Love Day. So, your Birthday means the day fill with romance and memories that you will never forget.
  • You are the one who is always beside me, even in my illness, without even complaining, you are always helpful, always with me. Today I make a promise that I will make you the happiest man in the world with my little efforts. I am so happy to have you, sweetheart, happy Birthday.
  • You know, how much I love chocolate? But, you don’t know, I Love you more than that. Happy Bday Sweetheart!
  • I had already given you my best gift. Now, I am going to unwrap myself as a present for you. I will be yours today and forever. Happy Birthday my Love.
  • I was having a small place in my heart which was reserved for a person who means everything to me. That person is you. You love and kindness makes the place large every day. Happy Birthday to that amazing person
  • My dream of a Perfect person come true with the first meeting with you. You become my special one just after the first meeting. I wish we both remain the same always, no matter whatever comes. Happy Birthday my special One.
  • With this wish I want you to know that my day didn’t pass without thinking about you. All the best from my heart to yours. Happy Birthday wishes my boyfriend.
  • Today is your Bday and I am very excited to spend my whole day with you. I have planned so many surprises for you, that you will never forget your this birthday. Can’t wait to see you. Happy Birthday, Dear!!
  • My life revolves around you. As you are my life line! Have a special Birthday on this special day!


  • Sometimes I just keep silence and increase the volume of your love. Happy Birthday.
  • We will grow parallelly as our love grows parallelly. Happy Bday Sweetheart <3 .
  • You are very much protective as very much I love you. Even more than your Birthday.
  • The total time duration I want this relation last is “FOREVER”. Happy BIRTHDAY
  • I have combined lot of compliment in your Birthday wishes. Love you.
  • I have a thousand words to you. Now, I am going to say you only three Magical words. <3 I LOVE YOU <3. Happy Birthday, Dear!!
  • This Birthday, I am going to give a special gift of this year. Just wait until all eat the cake and food and let the entire guest leave. This night is going to be the unforgettable night. Just blow the candle and make a wish, because your wish is going to complete this night!
  • Many People have many desires in life. But they can’t have those fulfilled. For me, I am having what I want, baby. I am so happy to celebrate your birthday alone with you. Happy Birthday my dear Boyfriend!
  • I had a dream of having a perfect boyfriend, who wills the most handsome man in the world. My Dream comes true when I met you. Happy Birthday wishes for Boyfriend!
  • Every day is a Birthday for me as you gift me with your presences every day. Thank you for giving me the best gift anyone has given me. Happy Birthday Darling
  • All the nights that I spent with you are the best. I always try to cuddle you next to a cozy fireplace. This is what I want on every cold evening. Today is you Birthday let’s spend this night in the same way.
  • Your Love is unconditional that why I love you the most. Happy Birthday to lover Boyfriend!


  • From the Day one we met, I knew that there is no place like your arms! I wish I always stay in your arm like the 1st day.
  • Best Bday Wishes for the Best Boyfriend of this world, who deserve the best things on his birthday.
  • I know that you are my love and I am your love and this is the best Bday gift I can give you.
  • I am insanely in love with you. You are always with me, in my arm, in my heart. Happy Birthday sweetie!!
  • With this birthday, you are not only getting one year older but also you have become sexier! People never compliment like this.
  • On birthday people wishes to have a successful life, good health. But, I Hope my blessings and wishes make your day more enjoyable and special! Enjoy and have a blast!
  • From the day I met you, I get to know there is no place like your shoulder to lean my head to them! I wish your shoulder should remain the same as now.
  • I am the imperfection of your life. That’s perfect for me. Happy Birthday Dear!
  • I do not know how it is happening, but my love for you increasing day by day. Happy Bday Sweetheart
  • Do you know, every second and every minute I think about you. My all prayer and thought revolve around you. All the best for you life from bottom of my heart.
  • Everyone praise god for creation. I thank for creating you and giving you in my life. I am sending the best Birthday wishes with a lot of love and kisses.
  • You are a lucky boy because you are having me as your soul mate. A lot of love and Bday wishes for my lover who is an apple of my eye.
  • Today is your Happy Bday; Ask whatever you want from me. You all wishes get completed today. That is because I love you!!
  • I have various reasons why I am so intelligent! This is all because of you my love. You are the tutor of my life. Happy Birthday my love.
  • This Message you received just now contains lot of Kisses. I was dreaming of being you instead of this message. Happy Birthday baby.
  • Everyone is having secret and I have too. I am going to share all my secrets with you because I love you. Happy Bday
  • I hope you will like my Bday Gift, I got for you. Wait – I know you will.
  • Do I really need to explain why your man will be happy and excited to read text like this? Do not forget to have a smile on your face while reading this Bday Wish?
  • We all give anything to our loved ones in our life. Remind your boyfriend that you would do anything just to make you happy.
  • The Birthday Jin granted me 3 wishes! I wish all your wishes come true on your birthday!!
  • The 1st thing that comes to my mind that today is your Birthday, and I hope I was the 1st one to wish you as you are very special to me. Happy Birthday!!
  • Telling somebody happy Birthday becomes very pleasant when I am saying this to a special person like you.
  • Every time I close my eyes, I feel you next to me. Wishing you were here to hold me. I’m sending my sweetest birthday wishes to you.


Emotional Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

  • I know I get frustrated by your all jealousy, but I have to admit it. I like it too because you care about me a lot. SO, happy Birthday my jealous cat.
  • Spending time with you makes me feel special, but today is your birthday which adds a lot of bonus, my prince. A lot of hugs and kisses for you! Have a happy Birthday my prince charm.
  • I must be a queen because you are the charming prince of Fairytale. Happy Birthday to my king.
  • Thank your Boyfriend for never leaving your side. For always being there when you need him.
  • Once you found your love of life. Then you are gonna love until the end. Let your husband feel that you will love him even more until both of you will get gray hairs and wrinkles.
  • Being a Husband, you are still the same lovely man as you were before being my boyfriend. Please never change! I want you to stay the same forever.
  • My wish was to get the most Handsome and perfect guy for me in the world and my wish came true and I hope you all wishes come true on you special day. Happy Birthday!!
  • I pray to god that on all our birthday your hand will be on my hand no matter what happens. Happy Birthday to my Cute Boyfriend.
  • On every day I spent my whole time thinking about you. You are incredible people who have a lot of desire from the life. I feel lonely if you are not near me.
  • You are thick or thin, I will always take care of yours. Your Birthday is a precious day for me… I hope It brings you joy in every way. I Love you.
  • On your every birthday, I thank god for sending you down for me. So, I am sending a lot of wishes on your Birthday.
  • I always felt that love is full of doubts. But, after meeting you I realized that whenever I am with you all my doubt go into the drain. Happy Birthday to my Boyfriend and future husband.
  • On your Birthday I have planned a lot for you. I am going to cook you dinner, I am also preparing to throw a party for your friend. But for you, a very happy Birthday my love. I love you a lot.
  • Happy Birthday wishes to my Boyfriend…Who is my king of dreams?Who is the reason of all smiles?And happinessWho make my life worthy…
  • I keep on blushAs you are my crushI could not break out in jiggleWhen you asked me out with a giggleI can bring smileWhen I hold your hand for a whileAll I want to say is Happy BirthdayIs that I blush when I think of you, even todayHappy Birthday
  • Wine may get sour with time but my boyfriend is getting sweeter and spicier. My Love For you grow every single day my love. Happy Birthday!
  • My Love for you makes our bond the strongest bond in this world. My Greatest birthday Quotes are for you my love.
  • I am a Lucky girl as I am having you as my boyfriend. Happy Birthday, Darling. May your life fill with happiness and prosperity.
  • Whenever you are anywhere I want to stay with you. You are my world and I want to do a world tour. Happy Birthday My cute BF. Let’s pass a one of world tour together.
  • With every candle, a pleasureWith every slice of candle, a songInside my panties, A treasureYou can look for it all night longHappy Birthday my lover!
  • Our fightDoes not meanI find you less hotYou are my heartbeatWithout you my lifeIs emptyHappy Birthday
  • What would I do without you? You hold me together. You are the better half of me. Happy birthday, baby.
  • You are the best boyfriend I’ve ever had and I hope you’ll be the last. Loving you always, happy birthday.
  • I am more than lucky to have you in my life. You make every day more special than the last. I hope your birthday is special and one you’ll never forget.
  • You get one birthday wish so use it wisely. I’ll do my best to make your wish come true. Happy Birthday to you.
  • My boyfriend, your future is brighter than the rising sun. I wish to be a part of it forever. Happy birthday, my love.
  • You get sexier by the day. Happy birthday to my wonderful boyfriend.


  • My boyfriend, you work hard all year round. Time for a little birthday fun with your one and only sweetheart.
  • Have a very happy birthday from the most grateful girlfriend on the planet. I love you more than you know.
  • The day when I met you was like I got a new birthday. So, my birthday also arrives with your birthday. I send you bday wishes for long life as I am today!!
  • You give so much and ask for little. That’s why I’m giving you the grandest birthday ever.
  • Happy birthday baby. And in case you didn’t know… I really, really, really like you.
  • My handsome boyfriend, I want you more than I want that birthday cake.
  • My charming prince, I wish you a magical birthday and may our love last forever.
  • Falling in love can be a scary ride. But your love came in and chased away all the doubt. Thank you for opening up my heart to this amazing adventure. I love you and happy birthday!
  • I become the luckiest by becoming the first one to wish you “Happy Birthday”. You are the best soul mate and lucky to have you.
  • I would just like to wish a happy birthday to the most amazing boyfriend ever! You make my life complete.
  • Sweetie, you know that I’ve got you wrapped around my little finger. But today is your day so I’ll be wrapped around yours. Let your every wish be my command. Happy Birthday!

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