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❤️ Red Heart Emoji

In its metaphorical or symbolic sense, the heart symbol is an ideograph that expresses the idea of “heart”. The heart sign, which depicts an anatomically incorrect shape, is frequently used to represent the center of emotions such as affection and love, particularly romantic love. If used with the “wounded heart” symbol, it is a heart symbol pierced with an arrow or a heart symbol “broken” into two or more pieces, signifying lovesickness.

Origins :
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A heart-shaped pendant from the Indus Valley Civilization was discovered and is now on display at the Delhi National Museum thanks to the use of heart-shaped peepal leaves in artistic representations. It’s possible that the heart-shaped fruit of the plant silphium, which may have been employed as a contraceptive in ancient times, was represented by a heart shape because of this. Many of the parsley family’s plants have estrogenic qualities, and some of them, like wild carrot, have historically been used to cause abortions. In the 5th and 6th centuries BC, silver coins struck in Cyrene had a similar design, which included the silphium plant, which was thought to represent the seed or fruit of the plant.

Expresses :
Love, intimacy, affection, a place to call “home,” and a feeling of security I adore you, Fondness, and I ache to see you again.

A red heart with a meaning: This is a heart symbol. The color of this emoji is the same across all platforms, but the design and finish of the heart may differ. The Red Heart emoji “”  represents intense feelings of love, commitment, caring, warmth, passion, and affection, but it does not have to be romantic. It’s the ideal emoji for people who are in a relationship, dating, or married. You can also send it to friends and family who aren’t as close.

Unicode and Approval :

A red heart and heart on fire emoji with a dot in the center is a traditional love emoji. This is by far the most widely used heart emoji. The heart suit of cards has a similar emoji. This emoji appears next to a friend on Snapchat if the two of you have been #1 BFs for two weeks in a row. The term “Heavy Black Heart” from the Unicode Character Database (UCD) predates colored emoji and referred to a solid black heart character. For a definition of the Unicode character name black, consult the character names glossary. The “Heavy Black Heart” Red Emoji was included in Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and became part of Emoji 1.0 in 2015.
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When to Use the Heart Emoji :

  • Send this emoji to a close friend, a member of your family, or even your boyfriend or girlfriend with good wishes or greetings.
  • Send these hearts to your S.O. if you can’t be with them in person to let them know how much you care.
  • Also, in WhatsApp, a single red heart is sent as a large, beating red heart. It’s a really cute thing.
  • This can also be utilized to wish your special ones a Happy Valentine’s Day (remember, it’s not just a day for couples. It’s for all the wonderful folks you’ve met along the way.
  • This is the ideal emoji to use with an “I love you” message.
  • If you’re in an amorous mood, use this emoji.

Other Names :

❤️ Love

❤️ Affection

❤️ Intimacy

❤️ Family

❤️ Care

❤️ Warmth

❤️ I Love You

❤️ Love Heart

❤️ Heart

❤️ I Miss You

❤️ True Love


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