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Best and Most Trusted Online Dating Sites in Ukraine



Finding your ideal person in today’s time was already challenging. Add in a pandemic, and the trouble intensifies. Thankfully, online dating sites are available to help us with our dating woes. It now connects singles worldwide to meet their ideal mate.

If you are looking for an ideal dating site in Ukraine, let this article be your guide. We listed the top dating sites and apps Ukrainian use together with their features and benefits so you could easily pick out the one that best fits your needs.

Top Five Ukrainians Dating Sites

The advancement of technology has brought us closer to our loved ones. It also made way for new connections to develop. However, the development of technology comes with particular concerns — specifically with safety and privacy.
To help you find a genuine Ukrainian date online, we rounded up the most trusted Ukrainian dating sites.

1. Sweetydate

SweetyDate is a successful dating platform in Ukraine that caters to local singles looking for love online. It boasts a charming and exceptional user interface, fitting well with its brand name.

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This up-and-coming online dating site in Ukraine offers its users free messaging, image and video sharing, and even a quick search highlight. It also has detailed search options, such as city, profession, and even zodiac sign.

SweetyDate also has a blog that features helpful tips and tricks. All these would come in handy for those who wish to understand their online dates better.

Finally, any SweetyDate user could experience the platform’s exceptional services for free. Should they wish to extend the fun, additional charges apply.

2. Mamba

If you miss the matchmaking scene pre-pandemic, you will find Mamba as entertaining as in real life. With over 23 million users, this grand matchmaking website and its app counterpart boast an exciting and straightforward user experience.

Setting up an account at Mamba is easy and does not have a mandatory registration. However, users who wish to save all their connections could easily link their Mamba account with an existing social media account or email address.

Feature-wise, the app has a friendly, targeted system with very detailed specifications. Each piece could easily impress a user and coax them to try for more.
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One specific Mamba hallmark is their Travel Buddies search option. True to its name, it lets users search through other members’ recent trips to a specific country or city. This way, they could tag along or let others join them on their trip should they wish to.

Mamba also has a question and answer forum, to which users could post fun topics or state issues. While most features are available for free, additional charges apply (for as low as $2.00) to experience all Mamba highlights.

3. TrulyRussian

Online dating has never been exciting and stylish until TrulyRussian came into the picture.

TrulyRussian is a popular dating platform in Ukraine, known for its smooth and sleek web design. To prove that the site is not only pro-design, it layers its system with entertaining hallmarks and backs it with tight security features.

TrulyRussian is proud of its “Dating by Region” option and blog page. The former lets users filter their settings according to their region or find the desired partner by tapping a specific area. This feature makes looking for an ideal mate comfortable and straightforward.

Meanwhile, its blog page is perfect for those that wish to know more about dating in specific regions and tips on dating online and offline. It’s got a library full of how-to’s and dos and don’ts, which would come in handy in a budding international romance.

As for the security features, developers layer TrulyRussian .with tight security protections to protect users’ online dating experience or prevent potential scammers from harming the platform.

To complete everything perfectly, TrulyRussian provides a translation option on all its platforms. This way, members who seem to match but don’t speak the same language can still understand each other. This fantastic bit ensures that authentic intentions and emotions get through.

4. LovePlanet

Designed in sleek and stylish details, LovePlanet is another Ukraine-favorite dating site famous for its exciting features.

One undeniably winning hallmark of LovePlanet is the Anonymous Chat. Users get to check which online conversation is live. Once they spot a specific chatbox, users can join the conversation and even hide their identity from other chat members.

Although the Anonymous Chat feature cannot contribute to users finding their ideal mate, it’s a surefire way to spark a fun social interaction.

Another impressive feature of LovePlanet is the Journal. Users who wish to use the Journal have the freedom to express their thoughts and feelings. It works somewhat like Facebook. Other members can even subscribe to a user’s Journal to get updated on the recent events in their life.

While most LovePlanet features are for free, exciting experiences await members who register for their premium. The lowest price is $3.50, valid for one week.

5. Badoo

Badoo is one of the biggest dating platforms worldwide, with 400 million users across 190 countries. It is a Ukrainian crowd favorite because they offer an exceptional user experience for its members for free.

This famous dating app in Ukraine is the first to introduce the “Search by Location” option. It lets any Badoo user discover people nearby or anywhere they wish to find a date from.

The platform has a freemium and premium package. For as low as $8.00, members can avail themselves of its paid options, including promoting their account in encounters. This particular feature lets a user get shown on the top list daily.

Badoo’s paid membership option also lets its users send an online gift to any site member, have video calls, or check another member’s profiles in detail.

Besides all these, the most important and equally valuable bit Badoo made for their dating site was the heightened privacy system. As such, non-members who do not intend to join the site cannot view the users’ photos and profile information. To top it all off, site developers would validate every hopeful member’s accounts before letting them in at the elusive world of Badoo.


Enjoy your cross-border romance!

To find your significant other online would be like stumbling upon your dream person in a crowded place — it’s cute and exciting.

Go ahead and pick the best online dating platform that speaks to you. Good luck, and be sure to have fun!

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